About Emily

In 2014/2015 life as I knew it fell apart, my Dad died, and my relationship of 8 years fell apart. I suddenly found myself with a house in the ‘wrong’ country (Greece), a mortgage, 6 cats, and nothing as it had been 6 months before.

The only way I could describe that time in my life was like a broken snowglobe – Someone shook it but all of the pieces inside got thrown around and landed in the wrong places, cracked or broken.

I emerged Stronger. More Determined. Loving Single Life; Free To Do What I Want, When I Want!

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” ― Janet Fit

My first solo trip was to Santorini, a gift to myself to celebrate my 31st birthday. (On my 30th birthday my Dad was undergoing major surgery) so this was a very big deal for me – Celebrating the birthday that didn’t happen, and proving a point to myself, and those around me that I was doing ok, that I could survive on my own! And hoping that my Dad was looking down on me seeing that I was living a dream and doing fine.

Around this time I was also hosting couch surfers, meeting lots of like-minded people from all over the world, many of whom I now call friends.

I’m a freelancer / remote worker so location and work are not a problem for me – Thankfully!! But the cats tie me down to 1 location most of the time so my ‘travels’ are short trips of a few days or a couple of weeks rather than months away. At some point, I may explore house swapping but for now, I’m happy to do shorter trips.

I have been into photography for over 10 years, capturing different places and selling my work through Zazzle and Shutterstock. As I realized I wanted to see more and more places it was only natural that I would eventually turn to blogging, getting even more of my photos out into the world!

I hope you enjoy my Visual Wanderings!