Lake Rotsee in Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake Rotsee, The Lesser Known Lake in Lucern, Switzerland

Whether you spell it Lucerne or Luzern, you might have seen pictures of the stunningly beautiful Swiss lake with its medieval covered bridges  – It’s certainly a crowd pleaser and was actually my second favourite place to visit in Switzerland – See my Lucerne video on Youtube for a quick taste of what the views are like!

But… Dodging the crowds becomes tiresome after a while and my inner introvert always seeks a place to walk in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist trail.

Lake Rotsee was like stepping into a world all of my own…

Reflections at Lake Rotsee in Lucerne, Switzerland

Located 2.5km from the iconic Chapel Bridge, about a 30minute walk through a maze of a housing estate, Lake Rotsee certainly seemed to be a place known only to the locals. I only knew about it because I’d zoomed in on Google maps and thought it seemed far enough off the tourist trail to warrant a wander!

When I arrived at around 10.30am midweek in July there were just a few dog walkers and mothers with toddlers out enjoying the fresh air. Perhaps it gets busier on weekends with people sunbathing, swimming, or fishing, but I don’t imagine it gets even half as busy as the Lake Lucerne waterfront as it doesn’t have that commercial aspect – Perfect when you’re an introvert!

I may have taken a few wrong turns in reaching here (due to my inability to correctly follow Google maps!) but it was well worth the effort – Take a picnic and a book or a picnic and a loved one and just chill by the water soaking up the view, whilst doing some train spotting!

A mainline runs right past the lake with trains whizzing by every few minutes – Perhaps I was a train spotter in a former life but I enjoyed watching these go past (the novelty of doubledecker trains still having not worn off on me!).

I only made it 3 quarters of the way around 1 side of the lake before turning back but I believe you can walk all the way around if you have all day and are fit enough for it! I do wish I’d actually crossed to the other side and climbed the hill to get a better vantage point across the water but hey, we live and learn – I can pass my ‘wishes and what if’s’ on to you 🙂

Lake Rotsee in Lucerne, Switzerland

So, if you visit Lake Lucerne, don’t miss out on spending a quiet morning or afternoon visiting the lesser known Lake in Lucerne; Lake Rotsee.

The Lucerne Tourism site has more info on Lake Rotsee aka Lake Rot including bus numbers if you want to visit this beautiful haven yourself.