Inspiring Your Wanderings

Visual Wanderings is aimed at people who enjoy slow overland travel across Europe by road, river, rail, or any other overland transport method. Whether cruising the British waterways on a narrowboat, making your way through Europe in a converted van, island hopping around Greece by ferry, backpacking by train, or just dreaming of doing these things – you’re in the right place.

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.

~ Anotole France

Whether you’re a solo traveller getting away as often as you can, exploring full-time with your kids and pets, or just daydreaming about being free to wander, Visual Wanderings aims to inspire you to get off of the typical tourist trail and enjoy Europe the slow and scenic way.

A blend of escapism and inspiration, we seek to show you Europe from a new perspective – the picturesque backstreets that few tourists visit, the less-visited towns and villages, and the scenery that is simply not seen when flying to your destination.

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Who’s Behind This?

Emily worked as the editor of NZPhotographer magazine for five years, despite never having travelled to New Zealand! Now it’s time for her to bring her own passion to life using all the knowledge she’s gained. Happiest wandering through backstreets, camera in hand, or getting out in nature, Emily is a Brit who currently calls Greece home. A bit of a crazy cat lady (7 cats) and a dog Mama as well, one day she dreams of cruising the canals of England and road-tripping through Europe in a converted van, but right now, she’s staying closer to home with the menagerie, documenting and inspiring your overland travels, your visual wanderings.